Women Mean Business

Today, I talked to a group of ladies concerning social media and netiquette. I will be posting topics of that discussion over the next several weeks.  I’ll start by posting the best three pieces of advice I’ve ever heard (other than that I’ve heard from my sweet mother, of course).

1.  Kara DeFrias says, “Always say yes.”  I fit this into the discussion about social media because the first response to social media is that it’s too much and that users don’t want people to know their business.

2.  “Content is king,” says Dr. Joe Burns.  Basically, this means that you can put all the bells and whistles you want on your site, but unless you have content that brings people back over and over again, your site can be a very attractive place that people don’t visit.

3.  Finally Harvider Singh, who owns Bestica, told me that I should do what I do best.  What he was saying was that I should do what I know, and I should hire out the rest.  This way, I could make more money being a professional instead of waiting around to get things done that I may never learn!

Over the next few weeks, I will focus on these three statements as I give a little more information for each.  I’ll be posting presentations and blog posts that address my subpoints and help you take your business online.

The World is your Wide Web!  Enjoy!