Content is King

When I was in graduate school, Dr. Joe Burns explained to my Web design class that content is king. I’ve heard this statement over and over again in technology.  The point is that no matter what flashy video or graphic elements are on the Website, the information is what will bring people back.

This means information should be updated and ongoing. If you have a static site, what will bring your audience back?  Do you want them to come back? You can have the best Flash intro ever (which will typically be skipped), but if your restaurant Website doesn’t include the menu, why should I care about your site?

Think about what people want, and give it to them. If you aren’t giving people what they need, they will go elsewhere. Chances are they’ll find the information at your competitor’s site.  Content is king. So, here’s the moral of the story:

  • Create information that people care about that is relative to your expertise.
  • Take care that you have a point in your writing.  Think of the one thing you want people to walk away with and then have someone else read your information. What did he or she get from your information?
  • Find a proofreader.  Your sister may be your best weapon (because she calls it like it is where you’re concerned, right?).
  • Keep it simple.

Simply giving people what they want – consistent and good information – will keep people coming back.  It’ll also give you a reason to update your Facebook status.  And that’s the most important thing anyway, right?  🙂

The World is your Wide Web.  Enjoy!