Steve Jobs Timed his Death — Thinks about Apple Until the End

On this sad day, I have one aching theory brewing in my thoughts. I think Steve Jobs timed his death. Hear me out — I’m not being insensitive to his disease or the heroic effort he undertook battling for his life.

I’m saying he loved Apple until his dying breath. I googled my theory to see if anyone else felt the same and found a comment that said Jobs timed his death because he understood the new iPhone would be a total disappointment. Why the heck would he stick around for the announcement then?

Here’s my theory:

The world knew that Steve Jobs was ill, and there was speculation that the stock would take a hit with the death of Jobs. Even one of my students, Aaron Gutekust, made this assumption in class on Tuesday while we were following a live blog of the launch.

I think Steve Jobs knew that if he died during the time while people were waiting for the new iPhone to be released (i.e., now), it would protect his life’s investment. Check this out. Investors would stay put while waiting for the launch of the coveted new iPhone.

While some think the new iPhone is a disappointment, I think our disappointment is only that it’s not named iPhone 5. I’m good with an 8 megapixel camera on my phone and quality HD video capability, among other add-ons. I think we’ll see some sales tomorrow, my dear Apple friends, particularly from those of us with expired contracts who have been holding out for the new toy! I certainly have booked for the occasion.

I am a full believer that people can will themselves to live, but ultimately, the Big Man is the only one who can really know that. I think maybe Jobs’ prayers were answered. Brilliant and strategic until the end. I think he would appreciate my theory.