Merry Christmas

Wow! What can I say?  Thank you just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  I’ve had a great year her at Red Dragonfly Promotions.  I’ve met tons of cool people and learned a lot.  If I can make one suggestion to all my clients for the end of the year, it’s to be thankful.  Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

1.  Just say it.  Stop by and visit a couple of your customers and tell them you appreciate them.  Don’t send a blanket email out; send a card or something small that shows your appreciation. A personal touch make it just that – personal.

2.  Post links on your Website to your customers’ sites.  Yeah, easy for a Web designer to say that, right?  Okay, I understand that concern, but how hard would it be for you to contact your Web designer and ask him or her to scroll a list of thanks for you?

3.  Run a commercial and name a few of your clients.  Don’t forget to send them a request before you do this.  You actually may be one of their company secrets – they don’t always want the competition to know their strategies! 🙂

4.  Say a prayer of thanks this holiday season.  I feel so blessed to have great family, great friends, and a great group of clients who motivate me to continue learning and growing.

Merry Christmas to all … and a prosperous new year!